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Strategic Staffing

Our Process

Some recruiters try to slow the process while others move too quickly. The result is often a long wait with few results or worse, a body in a cubicle that adds little to your team. Our methods focus on delivering effective and optimum results for clients and candidates. We have one thing in mind, to consistently deliver to you that top 20% of candidates - the kind that makes a real impact on your business - that is right for your position and your company.

We accomplish this by performing a sequence of steps, which are customized based on your company's unique hiring needs and problems, in a professional, personal and expeditious manner. And, these steps aren't performed by just any recruiter but by our recruiters, recruiters that are skilled professionals, experts in your industry and impact players themselves 

Our Recruitment Approach

Leveraging our experience and industry expertise while taking an innovative approach, we've been able to develop a few methods for efficiently pinpointing the people who can become the heart of your business. That's what our recruitment approach is all about.

What it means to you is that we can provide a customized streamlined process to help you target your next impact player - and deliver them at the pace your business demands.​